GTA 5 Online Money Generator Test Case #1

Alright guys, GTA-CLUB.SITE is here and this article is gonna be the GTA 5 money generator scam site experiment.

So, there’s a lot of GTA 5 online money generators out there but do they really work? So we’re gonna see if they actually do work. So I’m on my computer right here, I’m on the RockStar Social Club:

I can access the redeem codes right here, so you guys can see. So we’re all ready to see if these work we’re gonna see basically every single generator there are out there and we’re gonna see if they actually do work, so this is the experiment we’re gonna do.

Let’s get into it so we’re on google where you can type in “GTA 5 money generator” and it’s already like the first search:

So people write it people think that they’re gonna get it freaking free GTA money so we’re gonna click this one:

So yeah so let’s see this site right here. Seems like it is a free GTA 5 money generator with no survey. Really there’s no survey as I guess. I click this generate button and couldn’t give me money so let’s see what happens…

The site wants me to confirm that I am not a robot:

Let’s click “Verify Now”… And BOOM! Here we go:

The website wants us to download some applications or complete some surveys to get our GTA 5 online money. We can presume that this website is a scam at this point already.

We will proceed in the next post soon.